Many Gambian women deal with fertility issues at some point in their lives, and more than 40% of women seek fertility services.  Whether or not a woman has access to the clinics that provide these services depends on where she lives. Major efforts have been made to achieve reproductive health goals; however, these efforts have focused on reducing maternal mortality and morbidity, providing universal access to antenatal and obstetric care and family planning. However, there remains a wide gap between available reproductive healthcare, particularly obstetrical and gynecological care, and access to specialized infertility services involving high-complexity procedures.

For women and men who decide to start a family, difficulties conceiving a child may become a source of strain and cause psychosocial problems. The impact of infertility on the lives of women and their interpersonal relationships has already been documented in the literature, reflecting the diversity of the problems faced by individuals confronted with the diagnosis of infertility and the physical and emotional strains of infertility treatments. Furthermore, in some settings, infertile individuals, particularly women, are often stigmatized and isolated, and may experience diverse societal problems.

It was against this backdrop that the SAFE HAVEN foundation was established. Founded on the guiding principle of supporting women with fertility problems and recurring miscarriages, the foundation aims at addressing the marginalized women in these predicaments by providing both financial and emotional support to them. 

 As the only foundation in The Gambia championing the cause for infertility treatment for all deserving women, Safe Haven has a vision to ensure the Gambian community has increase awareness on misconceptions surrounding issues of infertility and create a platform for women to share experiences with a view to getting the required guidance and counseling from experts in the area. 

After the official launch of the foundation, it seeks to embark on a vigorous nationwide awareness campaign which will include using all forms of media for getting the messages across and reaching out to women in the most remote areas to break the culture of silence and register with the foundation.

Each region will have a project support manager to ensure equal access to opportunities. These support projects will focus on the following key intervention areas: Peer Support, Professional-Led Forums and Financial grants for the less privilege.

We are calling all Gambians both home and away, to invest in fertility sector, in order to safe Gambians from going outside for fertility treatment, which is often financially and emotionally straining. Women of the reproductive age in the Gambia have limited or no access to assisted reproductive technology clinics. Though the health sector can perform basic assessments of their patients’ reproductive needs, many will need to seek outside care.
The substantial travel for fertility treatments adds an additional barrier and expense for women without access to nearby clinics. The major access issue is ability to pay for these services.

This is a vibrant initiative and a new business venture geared towards improving maternal health and saving women in search of proper fertility clinics. The creation towards the implementation of these clinics will pave a way towards building the health sector of the Gambia, reduce social stigma and contribute to the economy of the country.

The main reasons patients discontinue treatment are the barriers, emotional burdens and stress of infertility and its treatment. “Addressing the Emotional Barriers to Access to Reproductive Care” calls for making patients’ psychological needs a higher priority- that true access to care requires support, understanding, and ongoing communication to create public awareness that Infertility is a treatable medical condition and that the community as a whole benefits; when these patients have access to medical care.

This business platform is open to all investors in and outside the Gambia. The recession is anything to go by, the fertility industry has strong growth prospects with a cost effective range that is very valuable and succeeding.  Investors stand a great chance to highly benefit from this endeavor and still save the lives of thousands of women in the pursuit for happiness.

Join the caravan and invest in fertility treatment clinics to create a Safe Haven for Women in The Gambia. It’s a business Opportunity of a lifetime. For more info, contact Sainey M. Ceesay (saibabe55@gmail.com). Learn more: www.safehavenfdn.com